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AptilonGroup manufacture creating disposable diapers for infants and Toddlers. The process involves several steps, including the creation of the absorbent core, the application of the elastic leg cuffs, and the attachment of the fastening system. The materials used in the manufacturing process include non-woven fabrics, elastic threads, and adhesives. The diapers are then packaged and shipped to retailers for consumer purchase.

Latest Techniques

Our manufactured diapers that features a protective and liquid-sealed structure for the comfort of the baby. It has a flexible and ergonomic design that allows for movement and a breathable outer layer to keep the baby’s skin dry. The brand aims to provide comfort for both babies and mothers.

Innovative Technology

Diaper technology has advanced in recent years to improve the fit, absorbency, and overall performance of diapers. Some of the innovations include:

Elastic Waistbands, Leak guards, Wetness indicators, Advanced absorbent materials, Biodegradable materials

Certified Experts

We prioritize the health and well-being of babies in all its products. We continuously strive to improve in terms of product performance, comfort, fit, ergonomics, dryness, absorbency, quality, efficiency, cost, technology, and other factors. The company has a laboratory that is equipped to test and support their R&D team in improving the products.

Our Production

Diaper Pants


Wet Wipes

Baby Products

Changing Mat

Top tier Production

Automated production

Automated production lines are able to produce diapers at a high speed and with a high level of precision, reducing the risk of defects.

Quality control

Stringent quality control measures are implemented throughout the production process to ensure that all diapers meet the necessary safety and performance standards.

Advanced materials

Top tier diaper manufacturers use advanced materials such as super absorbent polymers, to improve absorbency and reduce the risk of leaks.

Our Products

Here are some of the essential Products of our manufacture

Wet Wipes

Customized Packing


Customized Packing

Disposable Mat

Customized Design

Baby Care Products Process

We provide from A to Z for baby disposable products and the new innovations in diaper technology aim to provide a better fit, more absorbency, and less environmental impact.


Creation of the absorbent core


Assembly of the product


Packaging of the finished product


Logistics and Export

We are A Full Service of Manufacture

Overall, top tier production of diaper manufacture ensures high-quality and safe products that meet the needs of customers and comply with all regulations and standards.